Rick Case Acura MDX Maintenance

Stay ahead of the curve on Acura MDX scheduled maintenance and repairs with help from Rick Case Acura

Owning a an Acura MDX is undeniably a rewarding experience for both you and your family, but if you want to keep enjoying this luxury SUV for years down the line, it's imperative to bring your Acura MDX in for manufacturer scheduled maintenance at every major milestone. And given that Rick Case Acura is one of the primary certified Acura service centers working for drivers throughout the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area, we not only have all the most up-to-date Acura MDX maintenance schedules at hand, but also the tools and expertise to ensure that all your regularly schedule maintenance provides the quality and inspires the confidence you deserve.

At 30,000 miles…

  • You'll want to get an oil and oil filter change to ensure the engine on your Acura MDX is clean and well-lubricated
  • Getting some of your other fluids flushed and replenished is a good idea, such as coolant, brake fluid, and in some cases, transmission fluid. On top of this, your service technician will likely want to do a visual inspection of belts, hoses, and other key safety components of your Acura MDX to verify their integrity and optimal function.
  • It's a good idea to have the engine and cabin air filters replaced at this point to ensure that the cabin of your Acura MDX continues to smell fresh and clean and the engine operates at peak efficiency.
  • If there are any outstanding Acura recalls for your Acura MDX model, your service advisor will alert you to them and schedule an appointment to address them promptly.

At 60,000 miles…

  • Most of the maintenance and repairs completed at the 30,000 mile interval will need to be reassessed at the 60,000 mile interval.
  • On top of that, your certified Acura service technicians may want to inspect and potentially replace parts like the timing belt and spark plug as necessary.
  • At 60,000 miles, it's a good idea to have the tires rotated on your Acura MDX.

At 90,000 miles…

  • Most of the maintenance and repairs completed at the 30,000 and 60,000 mile intervals will need to be reassessed at 90,000 miles.
  • At 90,000 miles, it's a good idea to have the tires and brake pads on your Acura MDX replaced
  • On top of that, your Acura service advisor may want to have your suspension and shock absorbers inspected and tested.


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No one ever said that caring for your Acura MDX in the long run wasn't a complex task, but with the help of the team here at Rick Case Acura, it's effortlessly simple. Of course, there are still other regular maintenance intervals you may need to keep an eye out for, so don't hesitate to get in touch with our service advisors to learn more about how we can help you unlock the full longevity of your Acura MDX.