What is PMC?


Performance Manufacturing Center, also known as PMC, features a world class, open-plan space in Marysville, Ohio. This is the home of the supercar Acura NSX. Here engineers, can see any stage of production and feel connected  to each other as well as the car they are constructing.

What is SH-AWD?


For many fast car enthusiasts, performance is everything. AWD is often the coveted drive line for its ability to produce traction. It does this by sensing where torque is needed and responding accordingly. Its primary function is to enhance traction and help the vehicle power through exhilarating rides and difficult road conditions. 

What Makes the Acura RDX So Special?


It's one of America's retail best-selling compact luxury SUV's for a reason.  Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the 2020 Acura RDX the highest safety rating there is. Not only that, but the technology and re-design is truly a sight to see.